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In the Spotlight with SEQUENTIAL

SOURCE: https://www.sequential.com/s-y-z-y-g-y-x/

Bleak, post-apocalyptic soundscapes powered by retro punk biting synth lines and minor scale hooks fuel the sound of S Y Z Y G Y X. A creative collaboration between Luna Blanc and Josh Clark, S Y Z Y G Y X currently have three EP’s out that are generating attention and accolades (Hex’n Equinox on Cleopatra Records, Broken Mirrors on Burning Grave Records, and Encounters on Cold Transmission). Over time, their music has evolved from mostly instrumental pieces with heavy distortion to more recent work that weaves together catchy vocals and melodies. The group continues to evolve.

Josh and Luna play equal parts in the creative process and the production of their work. They enjoy taking turns at vocals, creating different sounds, with each engineering different parts of their songs. Be on the lookout for heir debut L.P. soon to be released on their own imprint, Burning Grave Records.

We chatted with Luna and Josh about how they’re using the Prophet Rev2:

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